Buyer Advice December 28, 2022

5 Reasons Why It’s Smart to Buy a Home During Winter

Winter is a great time to consider buying a home! It’s a buyer’s market and prices are often lower, making it a great time to invest in a property. From tax incentives to increased negotiation power, there are a variety of reasons why winter can be the ideal time to sell your home. Keep reading to discover the top reasons why selling your home during winter can be the best decision for you!


Better Negotiation Power.

Some sellers are highly motivated to get their home sold during the winter and need to sell quickly. With sellers in this position, you’ll have better negotiation power since the seller might be willing to make some concessions to get the offer accepted and the home sold as fast as possible.


Less Competition.

Compared to the housing market during spring, winter is a much slower season for buying and selling homes. There are fewer people looking to buy a home and even fewer homes for sale. This means that sellers will have more time to look over your offer and you’ll have a better chance at getting that offer accepted.


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Government and Tax Incentives.

Buying a home comes with certain tax benefits. If you close before the end of the year, you might be able to benefit from tax incentives and deductions. First-time home buyers may also have access to first-time home buyer assistance programs from the government, which can help reduce the overall cost of purchasing a home. Check with your lender to see if you might qualify for any of these incentives.


More Time to Search.

Since winter is a slower time for the housing market, less offers are being made, giving you more time to compare homes you’re considering submitting an offer for. During the spring, buyer’s don’t typically have as much flexibility since the market is so much more active. When touring a home, take notes of what you like and dislike, and compare between homes you’re considering.


Faster Response Time.

Realtors® are less busy during the winter season, on both the buyer and seller side. You’ll benefit from getting a higher level of attention since they’re working with fewer clients, and writing and reviewing fewer contracts. When submitting an offer, Realtors® who represent the seller are more flexible during the winter and are more likely to present the offer as soon as it comes in.


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